Psychiatry K189 - Urgent community psychiatric followup, to a190, a195, a695 or a795 … add

General Info

Billing Amount: $216.30


1. K189 is only eligible for payment when the psychiatrist providing the urgent community psychiatric follow-up:
a. renders a service described by A190, A195, A695 or A795 to an out-patient on an urgent basis during the four (4) week period immediately following discharge where the patient was a hospital in-patient for treatment of a psychiatric condition;
b. did not provide services to the same patient during the same psychiatric hospital admission; and
c. will continue appropriate care of the out-patient for a minimum of six (6) months as required.
2. K189 is limited to a maximum of one per physician per patient per 12 month period.

K188 is not eligible for payment in addition to K189 on the same patient same day.

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