OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Internal And Occupational Medicine 13

Code Description Fee
A130 Comprehensive internal medicine consultation 306.75
A131 Complex medical specific re-assessment 72.35
A133 Medical specific assessment 81.45
A134 Medical specific re-assessment 62.5
A135 Consultation 160.15
A136 Repeat consultation 107.35
A138 Partial assessment 38.8
A435 Limited consultation 107.35
C130 Comprehensive internal medicine consultation 306.75
C131 Complex medical specific reassessment 72.35

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C132 Subsequent visits - first five weeks - per visit 33.3
C133 Medical specific assessment 81.45
C134 Medical specific reassessment 62.5
C135 Consultation 160.15
C136 Repeat consultation 107.35
C137 Subsequent visits - sixth to thirteenth week inclusive 33.3
C138 Concurrent care - per visit 33.3
C139 Subsequent visits - after thirteenth week 33.3
C435 Limited consultation 107.35
W130 Comprehensive internal medicine consultation 306.75
W132 Subsequent visits - Chronic care or convalescent hospital - first 4 subsequent visits per patient per month 32.85
W133 Subsequent visits - Nursing home or home for the aged - first 2 subsequent visits per patient per month 32.85
W134 General reassessment of patient in nursing home 21
W138 Subsequent visits - Nursing home or home for the aged - additional subsequent visits 21.65
W232 Admission assessment - Type 1 70.75
W234 Admission assessment - Type 2 21
W235 Consultation 160.15
W236 Repeat consultation 107.35
W237 Admission assessment - Type 3 31.3
W239 Periodic health visit 66.35
W435 Limited consultation 107.35

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