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Complete Study - 1 and 2 dimensions

G571 Professional component $96.20
G570 Technical component $118.95

Corneal Cross-Linking

E202 Corneal cross-linking $200.00

COVID-19 Immunization

G593 COVID-19 vaccine $13.00


E119 Excision of dermoid - with lamellar graft $542.00
E118 Excision of dermoid - with partial keratectomy $308.30
E117 Pterygium - Keratectomy or relaxing incisions post penetrating keratoplasty or post traumatic corneal scar (non cosmetic) $308.30
E206 Pterygium - simple (unilateral) $175.00
E207 Pterygium - with lamellar graft $453.00
E205 Pterygium - with partial keratectomy $355.00

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Z871 Ulcer cautery - local anaesthetic $26.60
Z853 Ulcer cautery -general anaesthetic $74.20


E128 Chelation of band keratopathy with EDTA - Anterior chamber open evacuation of clot $496.00
Z863 Chelation of band keratopathy with EDTA - general anaesthetic $150.00
Z849 Chelation of band keratopathy with EDTA - local anaesthetic $153.80
Z844 Diagnostic Paracentesis for: 1) suspected intraocular infection; 2) intraocular inflammation / uveitis; or 3) suspected cancer involving the intraocular structures or fluids $100.00
Z851 Paracentesis $70.00
Z852 Removal embedded foreign body - general anaesthetic $74.20
Z847 Removal embedded foreign body - local anaesthetic - one foreign body $33.00
Z848 Removal embedded foreign body - local anaesthetic - two foreign bodies $45.00


E122 Corneal transplant - lamellar $590.00
E124 Corneal transplant - Limbal stem cell transplant $740.00
E121 Corneal transplant - penetrating $740.00
E123 Division of iris to cornea $161.75

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