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Specialty: Gastrointestinal System

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Abdominal Scintigraphy - For Gastrointestinal Bleed

J878 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - labelled RBCs
J879 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - LeVeen shunt patency
J830 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - Tc99m sulphur colloid or Tc04
J831 Biliary scintigraphy
J832 Liver/spleen scintigraphy
J833 Salivary gland scintigraphy

Calcium Absorption

J826 Calcium absorption - Ca45
J875 Calcium absorption - Calcium47 absorption/excretion
J827 Calcium absorption - Oesophageal motility studies - one or more

Complete Study - 1 and 2 dimensions

G571 Professional component $96.20

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G570 Technical component $118.95

Computer Assessed Renal Function

J835 Computer assessed renal function - includes first transit
J880 Computer assessed renal function - repeat after pharmacological intervention
J839 Cystography for vesicoureteric reflux
J834 Dynamic renal imaging
J837 ERPF by blood sample method
J838 GFR by blood sample method
J836 Static renal scintigraphy

COVID-19 Immunization

G593 COVID-19 vaccine $13.00


J877 Gastro-oesophageal - aspiration
J876 Gastro-oesophageal - reflux


J874 Gastrointestinal - blood loss using - Cr51
J825 Gastrointestinal - protein loss
J829 Gastrointestinal - transit

Malabsorption Test

J824 Malabsorption test - with C14 substrate
J873 Malabsorption test - with whole body counting

Schilling Test

J823 Schilling test - dual isotope
J821 Schilling test - single isotope

Testicular and Scrotal Scintigraphy

J840 Testicular and scrotal scintigraphy - includes first transit

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