OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Urethra

Code Description Fee
S530 Urethrotomy - external 215.8
S531 Urethrotomy - Urethrostomy 215.8
S532 Urethrotomy - transurethral (visual) 166.05
S535 Urethroplasty - One stage repair and may include skin grafting 618.25
S536 Caruncle 118.8
S537 Urethral papilloma, single or multiple 118.8
S538 Urethrotomy - repeat procedure within 6 months by same surgeon 95.75
S539 Retropubic urethropexy for stress incontinence - Insertion of artificial urinary sphincter 776.7
S540 Retropubic urethropexy for stress incontinence - Revision or removal of artificial urinary sphincter 239.75
S541 Diverticulectomy male or female 260.85

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S542 Posterior urethral valve 331.7
S543 Prolapse urethra 118.8
S544 Urethrectomy - radical 296.95
S545 First stage - posterior 381.6
S546 Retropubic urethropexy for stress incontinence - repeat procedure for failed retropubic or vaginal surgery for stress incontinence 496.25
S547 Urethroscopy - Removal of foreign body or calculus 170.65
S548 Urethral sling 381.6
S549 Retropubic urethropexy for stress incontinence - primary procedure 391.55
S550 Urethroplasty - First stage - anterior 293.35
S551 Rupture, anterior urethra (diversion of urine extra) 170.65
S552 Posterior urethra - immediate repair 437.2
S553 Posterior urethra - late repair 643.35
S554 Fistula - penile urethra (diversion of urine extra) 92.1
S555 Fistula - perineal urethra 325.95
S556 Fistula - Rectourethral with diversion, colostomy and closure of colostomy 552.3
S557 Urethrovesicolysis when sole operative procedure 215.8
S558 Urethroplasty - Second stage 235.35
S564 Transurethral incision or resection of external sphincter when sole operative procedure 325.95
S815 Tension free vaginal tape midurethral sling, by any method/approach 393.3
Z604 Urethrotomy - Meatotomy and plastic repair 39.6
Z609 Urethrotomy - Periurethral abscess 31.6
Z612 Endoscopic urethral realignment for urethral trauma 250
Z615 Filiform and follower urethral dilation and may include bladder catheterization 59.75
Z616 Biopsy of urethra (without endoscopy) 23.55
Z617 Urethroscopy - diagnostic 35.5
Z618 Urethroscopy - with biopsy 77.7
Z619 Dilatation of stricture - male, general anaesthetic 52.7
Z620 Dilatation of urethra - female, general anaesthetic 41.65
Z621 Dilatation of stricture - male, local anaesthetic 19.2
Z622 Dilatation of urethra - female 9.9

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