OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Corpus Uteri

Code Description Fee
S710 Hysterectomy - with omentectomy for malignancy 820.4
S752 Abortion - induced by any surgical technique up to and including 14 weeks gestation 112.4
S754 Abortion - Diagnostic curettage (with or without cauterization, biopsy of cervix removal of polyps, or hysterosalpingography) 97.2
S756 Abortion - missed abortion, or evacuation of molar pregnancy, by any surgical technique 120.45
S757 Hysterectomy - abdominal total or subtotal 643.35
S758 Hysterectomy - with anterior and posterior vaginal repair and including enterocoele and/or vault prolapse repair when rendered 733.45
S759 Hysterectomy - with anterior or posterior vaginal repair and including enterocoele and/or vault prolapse repair when rendered 655.05
S762 Hysterectomy - radical trachelectomy excluding node dissection 801.1
S763 Hysterectomy - radical (Wertheim or Schauta) includes node dissection 1081.8
S764 Abortion - Myomectomy 406.9

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S768 Abortion - spontaneous, incomplete including D&C 113.4
S770 Abortion - hysterotomy 245.4
S772 Endometrial ablation by any method 225.9
S774 Repair of incompetent cervix not associated with pregnancy 142.5
S775 Hysteroplasty - unification of double uterus (Strassman) 431.45
S776 Hysterectomy - Staging pelvic lymphadenectomy for carcinoma (laparoscopic or open) 462.3
S777 Hysteroplasty - uterine inversion, operative 349
S778 Hysteroplasty - Presacral neurectomy (with or without ovarian neurectomy) 349
S779 Hysteroplasty - excision of septum 349
S781 Hysterectomy - Staging Paraaortic lymphadenectomy for carcinoma (laparoscopic or open) (not eligible for payment when rendered with Z578 and/or S776) 431.2
S783 Abortion - hysterotomy with tubal interruption 257.05
S785 Abortion - induced by any surgical technique after 14 weeks of gestation 189.85
S816 Hysterectomy - vaginal 643.35
Z582 Hysteroscopy - diagnostic 111.5
Z583 Hysteroscopy - with uterine biopsy and/or D&C 133.7
Z585 Hysteroscopy - with cannulization of tube(s), lysis of intrauterine adhesions or embryo transfer 149.6
Z586 Hysteroscopy - with lysis of intrauterine adhesions/synechiae requiring a minimum of 60 minutes of surgical time 368.75
Z587 Hysteroscopy - with resection of one or more endometrial polyps, with or without D&C 206.35
Z770 Endometrial sampling 37.85

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