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About Dr.Bill

Dr.Bill launched in 2014. From day one we’ve worked to make billing easier for doctors. As we’ve grown, we’ve also made it smarter, faster and more intuitive too. With solutions for AHCIP, MSP and OHIP, we connect with thousands of physicians across the country. In 2019 we were acquired by RBC Ventures (now RBCx).

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With RBCx, Dr.Bill has matured into the must-use tool for doctors who value their time. While digital by design, Dr.Bill is backed by real people. Our experts make it their job to assist doctors with all their billing needs. And we’re proud to say that a common side-effect of using Dr.Bill is a renewed sense of peace and control.

Dr.Bill is a part of the RBCx portfolio of companies. Learn more.

Careers at Dr.Bill

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