OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Kidney And Upper Urinary Tract

Code Description Fee
S400 Laparoscopic placement of probe(s) for ablation of renal tumour 404.95
S401 Drainage of kidney abscess 411.3
S402 Drainage of perinephric abscess 267.6
S403 Exploration of renal and perirenal tissues (with or without biopsy or unroofing of cyst) 356.7
S405 Nephrolithotomy - open 482.4
S408 Pyelolithotomy - open 437.2
S410 Calycectomy with diversion of urine 512
S411 Partial or heminephrectomy 907
S412 Nephrectomy - ectopic kidney 467
S413 Nephrectomy - lumbar 467

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S415 Nephrectomy - transperitoneal 522.5
S416 Nephrectomy - thoracoabdominal or radical nephrectomy 907
S420 Nephrectomy - Nephroureterectomy, total, with resection of ureterovesical junction 673.1
S422 Pyeloplasty (with or without nephropexy) 907
S423 Partial or heminephrectomy with total ureterectomy 757.85
S424 Nephrectomy - Extrophy plastic closure of bladder with closure of abdominal wall and urethral lengthening with closure of pelvic floor with or without reimplantation of ureters 1237.25
S427 Bladder flap (Boari) - to include re-implantation of ureter 502.45
S428 Symphysiotomy for horseshoe kidney with or without nephropexy and associated procedures 494.9
S429 Ruptured or lacerated kidney repair or removal 437.2
S430 Removal of staghorn calculus filling renal pelvis and calyces - open, with or without x-ray control and/or anatrophic nephrolithotomy 657.75
S431 Excision of retroperitoneal tumour 381.6
S432 Exploration of retroperitoneal tumour 260.85
S433 Sacrococcygeal teratoma 437.2
S434 Kidney re-transplant 1858.15
S435 Kidney transplant 1553.15
S436 Donor nephrectomy unilateral or bilateral (to include renal perfusion with hypothermia when rendered by surgeon) 653.2
S437 Renal autotransplantation 1161.6
S445 Ureterotomy, abdominal or vaginal exploratory or for drainage - With removal of calculus - upper 2/3 376.8
S446 Ureterotomy, abdominal or vaginal exploratory or for drainage - With removal of calculus - lower 1/3 482.4
S447 Ureterotomy, abdominal or vaginal exploratory or for drainage - Where ureter has been previously opened - upper 2/3 437.2
S448 Ureterotomy, abdominal or vaginal exploratory or for drainage - Where ureter has been previously opened - lower 1/3 522.5
S449 Ureterectomy - including ureterovesical junction 445.4
S450 Ureterectomy - other e.g. partial 331.7
S451 Re-implantation - Ureterovesical anastomosis or reimplantation unilateral 490.25
S452 Ureteroileal conduit 788.15
S454 Ureteroileal conduit - with ureterectomy and ileal replacement 893.5
S455 Ureterointestinal anastomosis - unilateral 331.7
S457 Ureteroureterostomy 552.3
S458 Ureterostomy - Cutaneous - unilateral 494.9
S459 Ureterostomy - Ureterovaginal fistula 557.85
S460 Ureterolysis for periureteral fibrosis - unilateral 448
S461 Ureteroplasty (Hutch) - unilateral 331.7
S462 Ureterointestinal anastomosis - bilateral 438.35
S463 Ureterostomy - Cutaneous - with lower third ureterotomy 381.6
S465 Traumatic rupture, or transection (partial or complete) - Immediate - upper 2/3 381.6
S466 Traumatic rupture, or transection (partial or complete) - Immediate - lower 1/3 437.2
S467 Traumatic rupture, or transection (partial or complete) - Late repair - upper 2/3 437.2
S468 Traumatic rupture, or transection (partial or complete) - Late repair - lower 1/3 482.4
S470 Cystoscopy with manipulation and/or removal of calculus and retrograde pyelogram if required 240.65
S561 Re-implantation of ureter with extensive tapering with or without ureterolysis 693.45
S562 Re-implantationof bifid ureter 539.5
Z600 Change of nephrostomy tube 44
Z601 Renal biopsy, needle 143.55
Z623 Insertion of stent 95.1
Z624 Dilatation of tract 105.25
Z625 Selective catheterization of calyces (one or more) 52.7
Z626 Nephroscopy, percutaneous or retrograde 95.95
Z627 Removal of renal calculi 168.25
Z628 Cystoscopy and diagnostic Ureteroscopy - above intramural 125.7
Z629 Percutaneous nephrostomy 153.35
Z630 Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy 314.2
Z631 Fine needle aspiration of renal transplant 45.15
Z636 Endoscopic ureterotomy or pyelotomy 273.25
Z637 Percutaneous ablation of calyceal diverticulum to include dilation of communication 262.75
Z638 Endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux by subureteral injection of agent, unilateral or bilateral 450

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