OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Angiography

Code Description Fee
J021 By catheterization - abdominal, thoracic, cervical or cranial - insertion of catheter (including cut down, if necessary) and injection, if given 121.4
J023 Intra-arterial infusion of drugs e.g. for control of gastrointestinal haemorrhage - claim appropriate angiographic procedural and radiological fees plus a per diem supervision fee of 34
J025 Transluminal angioplasty including angiography (if anatomy is known), with or without pressure measurements - one or more site(s) or vessel(s) 398.15
J026 Peripheral venogram - direct puncture 70.8
J027 Peripheral arteriogram - direct puncture 76.55
J031 Carotid angiogram - direct puncture 89.9
J032 Vertebral angiogram - direct puncture or by retrograde brachial injection 111.5
J033 Splenoportogram 128.35
J034 Trans-lumbar aortogram 89.9
J035 Pressure measurements during angiography 34

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J040 Embolization (e.g. for treatment of haemangioma or renal carcinoma) - first vessel, claim appropriate angiographic procedural and radiological fees plus 121.25
J048 Percutaneous trans-hepatic catheter portal venography 311.05
J056 By catheterization - abdominal, thoracic, cervical or cranial - selective catheterization - transcatheter fibrinolytic therapy 670.55
J058 Vascular stenting 101.55
J066 Renal angioplasty 504.4
J067 Spinal angiography for AV malformation, per vessel, maximum of 12 vessels per side 44

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