OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Lungs And Pleura

Code Description Fee
M130 Closure of broncho-pleural fistula (transthoracic or trans-sternal) 596.5
M132 Thoracotomy with repair of ruptured diaphragm 517.65
M133 Thoracotomy for removal of foreign body 398.5
M134 Thoracotomy for post-operative haemorrhage or empyema 398.5
M135 Major decortication of lung for empyema or tumour 865.85
M137 Thoracotomy with or without biopsy 398.5
M138 Hilar lymph node or lung biopsy with full thoracotomy 544.85
M142 Pneumonectomy, may include radical mediastinal node dissection, sampling or pericardial resection requiring repair 1515.25
M143 Lobectomy, may include radical mediastinal node dissection or sampling 1430.8
M144 Segmental resection, including segmental bronchus and artery 1470.75

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M145 Wedge resection of lung 860.35
M149 Pleurectomy, and/or apical bullectomy for pneumothorax 535.55
M151 Bullectomy for major bullous disease 739.55
M155 Lung transplant (one lung) 2095.55
M156 Repeat lung transplant (one lung) 2724.25
M157 Donor Heart Lung removal 924.65
Z331 Aspiration for diagnostic sample 33.1
Z332 Aspiration with therapeutic drainage with or without diagnostic sample 60.35
Z334 Total unilateral lung lavage with or without bronchoscopy using Double Lumen Tube and single lung anaesthesia 310.7
Z335 Thoracoscopy (pleuroscopy) with or without pleural biopsy, suction, etc 247.2
Z336 Biopsy of pleura, needle including diagnostic aspiration 60.35
Z337 Rib resection for drainage 135.8
Z338 Biopsy of pleura or lung - with limited thoracotomy 206.9
Z340 Biopsy of lung, needle 140.6
Z341 Closed drainage effusion or pneumothorax 78.35
Z349 Intrapleural administration of chemotherapy or sclerosing agent - by any method 23.7
Z361 Chronic indwelling pleural catheter for palliative management of malignant pleural effusion - Insertion of indwelling catheter 204
Z362 Chronic indwelling pleural catheter for palliative management of malignant pleural effusion - Removal of indwelling catheter 204

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