OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: General Fees

Code Description Fee
E547 Methyl methacrylate (not arthroplasty) 59.4
E556 Wound Care - extensive debridement of compound fractures or dislocations, to reduction fee - add 50% 0
R200 Allograft - cadaver per long bone, each 144.8
R226 Biopsy of suspected sarcoma, or resection of a complex bone or complex soft tissue tumour(s), per 15 minutes 100
R267 Removal of internal fixation device - general anaesthetic 158.65
R268 Removal of internal fixation device - local anaesthetic 54.85
R517 Excision of foreign body 107.7
R598 Removal of extensive external fixation device under general anaesthetic 48.25
Z198 Toes 10.25
Z199 Foot 14.9

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Z200 Application of Unna's paste 14.9
Z201 Finger 10.25
Z202 Hand 14.9
Z203 Arm, forearm or wrist 24.1
Z204 Removal of plaster (not associated with fractures or dislocations within 2 weeks of initial treatment) 10.25
Z205 Head and torso 97.35
Z206 Body cast 57.5
Z207 Hip spica - unilateral 97.35
Z208 Shoulder spica 97.35
Z209 Hip spica - bilateral 121.6
Z210 Adjustment of circumferential external fixation - Insertion traction pin excludes fractures and dislocations 33.35
Z211 Whole leg (mid thigh to toes) 28.8
Z213 Below knee, knee splints (Stove pipe, etc.) 24.1
Z216 Wedging of casts in other than fracture treatment 10.25
Z250 Chronic Electrical Stimulation (not to include T.E.N.S.) external or internal 193
Z273 Muscle core biopsy using a 6mm or larger Bergstrom muscle biopsy needle or equivalent kit includes one or more biopsies 63.35
Z279 Autogenous - different surgeon 193
Z280 Adjustment of circumferential external fixation - without general anaesthetic 72.35
Z281 Adjustment of circumferential external fixation - with general anaesthetic 145.7
Z584 Small bowel push enteroscopy 185.15
Z783 Secondary closure 97.35
Z873 Application of cast brace (must include hinge) 67.75

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