OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Bladder

Code Description Fee
S438 Cystectomy - Complete - Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for bladder cancer, specimen must include obturator, internal iliac and external iliac nodes as a minimum to the level of the iliac bifurcation, bilateral 630
S440 Cystectomy - Complete - with continent urinary diversion 1475.7
S441 Cystectomy - Complete - Creation of continent urinary diversion 1013.45
S453 Cystectomy - Complete - with ureteroileal conduit 1250.3
S471 Cystectomy - Complete - Excision of urachal cyst or sinus with or without umbilical hernia repair 296.3
S476 Cutaneous vesicostomy 437.2
S478 Cystotomy or cystostomy 215.8
S481 Cystolithotomy when sole operative procedure 260.65
S482 Cystectomy - Partial - partial for tumour or diverticulum (single or multiple) 381.6
S483 Cystectomy - Partial - with reimplantation of ureter 552.3

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S484 Cystectomy - Complete - complete cystectomy, without transplant 791.85
S485 Cystectomy - Complete - with ureterointestinal transplant 984.65
S488 Extrophy - excision of bladder and repair of abdominal wall - inclusive of graft 215.8
S490 Cystectomy - Partial - with reimplantation of ureters 733.5
S491 Plastic repair of extrophy using bladder and including skin flaps 657.75
S512 Repair of ruptured bladder 346.45
S513 Cystoplasty, using intestine 692.85
S518 Plastic repair of bladder neck - child 494.9
S519 Plastic repair of bladder neck - adolescent or adult 437.2
S521 Litholapaxy and removal of fragments 215.8
S522 Closure of fistula - External, suprapubic 260.85
S523 Closure of fistula - Vesicovaginal - vaginal approach 791.85
S524 Closure of fistula - Vesicovaginal - transvesical approach (with or without omental flap) 544.4
Z480 Cystotomy with trochar and cannula and insertion of tube 85.3
Z602 Catheterization - office 8.55
Z603 Catheterization - home 16.25
Z605 Aspiration 12.5
Z606 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures - Diagnostic with or without urethroscopy 71.85
Z607 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures - Repeat within 30 days 35.5
Z608 Manual catheter declotting and irrigation of bladder 58.65
Z610 Intravesical instillation of BCG or immunotherapeutic agent or chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of bladder cancer 25.65
Z611 Catheterization - hospital 8.55
Z632 Excision of tumour or tumours including base and adjacent muscles and electrocoagulation, if necessary - single tumour 1 to 2 cm diameter 271.35
Z633 Excision of tumour or tumours including base and adjacent muscles and electrocoagulation, if necessary - single tumour over 2 cm diameter 437.2
Z634 Excision of tumour or tumours including base and adjacent muscles and electrocoagulation, if necessary - multiple tumours 437.2

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