OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Eyelids

Code Description Fee
E190 Tarsorrhaphy 153
E191 Double adhesion 165
E192 Ptosis 319.45
E193 Ptosis - repeat or second repair 400.9
E194 Distichiasis - unilateral 294.8
E195 Trichiasis, repair by tarsal transplantation 246.55
E196 Entropion, other than Zeigler puncture 295.85
E197 Ectropion, other than Zeigler puncture 316.25
E198 Laceration, full thickness - including lid margin 306.05
E199 Laceration, full thickness 229.5

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E200 Blepharoplasty - excision of skin, with or without partial excision of the orbicularis oculi muscle one lid 84.45
E201 Blepharoplasty - same as E200 plus removal of orbital fat and/or major lid fold reconstruction one lid 209.7
E211 Lid lengthening procedure 294.15
E221 Laceration of eyelid including levator palpebrae superioris with ptosis 335.9
E222 Primary closure of full thickness lid defect 295.85
E223 Tarsoconjunctival flap and skin graft (Hughes) 494.1
E224 Tarsoconjunctival flap and skin graft (Hughes) - second stage 110.65
E225 Lower or upper eyelid bridge flap 494.1
E226 Lower or upper eyelid bridge flap - second stage 110.65
E227 Temporal rotation flap 525.15
E228 Free tarsal, scleral or cartilage graft with local skin mobilization 546.55
E229 Free composite eyelid graft 546.55
E230 Medial canthoplasty (skin and muscle) 263.1
E231 Medial canthal tendon - tendon repair only 272.7
E232 Medial canthal tendon - fixation to bone 420.35
E234 Lateral canthal surgery - Canthotomy 52.5
E235 Lateral canthal surgery - Cantholysis when primary procedure 109.65
E236 Lateral canthal surgery - Lateral canthopexy 260.15
Z854 Drainage of abscess - local anaesthetic 61.2
Z856 Chalazion - Single or multiple - general anaesthetic 153
Z858 Epilation - by cryopexy 67
Z860 Zeigler punctures (for entropion/ectropion) 27.15
Z874 Chalazion - Single or multiple - local anaesthetic 71.4

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