OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Procedures Involving Neural Elements

Code Description Fee
N523 AV malformation of cord - excision/obliteration 1891.7
N527 Percutaneous cordotomy or tractotomy 469.2
N529 Medullary spinal trigeminal tractotomy 1020
N530 Implantation of spinal cord stimulating electrode by laminectomy 1008.9
N531 Removal of any stimulation pack or electrode 306
N542 Sympathectomy - unilateral - cervical 357
N543 Sympathectomy - unilateral - cervico-dorsal 586.5
N544 Sympathectomy - unilateral - thoracic-approach 433.5
N545 Sympathectomy - unilateral - lumbar 295.8
N555 Insertion / revision of implantable infusion pump 590.4

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N557 Syringo-subarachnoid shunt 1224
N558 Syringopleural/syringoperitoneal shunt 1428
N562 Intradural neurolysis of unusual lesions e.g. diastematomyelia, tethered conus, intramedullary haematoma, etc. including laminectomy 1224
N563 Implantation of permanent subcutaneous reservoir including laminectomy 510
N564 Open myelotomy for lesion - unilateral or bilateral 1020
N577 Intradural rhizotomy anterior/posterior (uni/bilateral) any number of roots 1276.65
N578 Dorsal root entry zone lesions for pain relief any number of levels 1020
Z941 Percutaneous diagnostic stimulation of spinal cord, trigeminal nerve root and /or ganglion 331.5
Z942 Implantation or revision of stimulation pack or leads 306
Z943 Programming infusion pump or dorsal column stimulator 142.2
Z944 Lumbar subarachnoid drainage of CSF 89.75

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