OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Endocrinology And Metabolism

Code Description Fee
G337 Antidiuretic hormone response test including the 8 hour water deprivation test 16.95
G338 Clonidine suppression test (for the investigation of pheochromocytoma) - with physician present - includes venipunctures 24.9
G340 Glucagon test - Histamine test to include a control cold pressor test 45.45
G341 Glucagon test - Hypertonic saline infusion test 16.95
G342 Glucagon test - Implantation of hormone pellets 31.05
G344 Phentolamine test 42.3
G358 Glucagon test - Growth hormone exercise stimulation test with physician present (includes venipunctures) 24.9
G490 Saralasin test 42.3
G493 ACTH test - single or multiple, per injection 6.25
G494 Glucagon test - (Type A) for carbohydrate response 10.2

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G495 Glucagon test - (Type B) for hypertension, pheochromocytoma and insulinoma provocative test (including cold pressor test) 42.3
G497 Glucagon test - Insulin hypoglycemia pituitary function test with or without TRH and LHRH alone or in combination 49.8
G498 Intravenous glucose tolerance test 10.2
G499 Intravenous tolbutamide test 49.8
G500 month in which insulin injections (2 or more daily) or insulin by pump is initiated; or month in which initial assessment by a specialist of a diabetic patient treated with insulin injections (2 or more daily) or insulin by pump occurs, 1 or more contacts 31.8
G501 TRH or LHRH test, per injection 6.25
G513 Pentagastrin stimulation for calcitonin 42.3
G514 Diabetes monthly management - each additional month, 1 to 3 contacts 10.6
G515 Open circuit indirect calorimetry 46.3
G520 Diabetes monthly management - each additional month, 4 or more contacts 21.2

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