OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Middle Ear

Code Description Fee
E315 Mastoidectomy - Revision mastoidectomy with revision of middle ear 674
E316 Tympanoplasty - Tympanotomy with fistula repair 395.05
E319 Mastoidectomy - Atticotomy 345.3
E320 Mastoidectomy - Cortical mastoidectomy 345.15
E322 Mastoidectomy - Modified or radical mastoidectomy 627.1
E323 Myringoplasty 209.05
E325 Tympanoplasty - Facial nerve decompression 642.45
E326 Tympanoplasty - Facial nerve grafting (to include decompression) 987.65
E327 Tympanoplasty - Closure of mastoid fistula 252.15
E328 Tympanoplasty - Tympanotomy 288.5

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E329 Tympanoplasty - Tympanic neurectomy 370.1
E333 Tympanoplasty - Ossiculoplasty 406.55
E336 Tympanoplasty - Type 1 (myringoplasty with exploration of middle ear) 345.15
E337 Tympanoplasty - Type 1 (myringoplasty with exploration of middle ear) - with ossiculoplasty 468.85
Z907 Debridement of mastoid cavities and/or ears- unilateral 27.4
Z908 Under general anaesthetic, with or without repair of small perforation when sole ear procedure(s) performed unilateral 50.9
Z912 Myringotomy, to include aspiration when indicated - unilateral 42.15
Z913 Repair of small perforation under local anaesthesia, with or without debridement, unilateral 39
Z914 Myringotomy, to include aspiration when indicated - with insertion of ventilation tube using operating microscope unilateral 78.6
Z916 Intratympanic injection, with or without myringotomy - unilateral 75.9

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