Enabling you to run
your business more


Whether you work with one physician or many, Dr.Bill is designed to help you save time and bill accurately so you can optimize your own success.

Don’t Just Bill. Bill Better.

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    Save Time

    Minimize manual data entry and prevent rejections with built-in rules that help you maximize successfully paid claims.

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    Enable Transparency

    Instantly generate reports for physicians so they can see their revenue, pending claims and the rejections you’re following up on at a glance.

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    Manage Multiple Physicians

    Set up individual profiles and customize billing preferences for each of the physicians you support to streamline your workload.

Great Features for MOAs and Billing Agents

  • Mobile and desktop flexibility

  • Easy financial reporting

  • Claim submission in seconds

  • In-app billing tips and premium alerts

  • Customized user access and permissions by role

  • Bulk claiming options

  • Customizable to your workflows and preferences

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In which provinces is Dr.Bill supported?
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Dr.Bill is currently available in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Can I cancel any plan at any time?
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Yes. To cancel your account, contact our support team and we’ll close it down. Keep in mind that you’re only charged when you bill through our platform. If you’re taking a break or simply don’t need to use Dr.Bill right now - you can keep your account active and just use it when you need it.