Billing Made for Clinics and Hospital Departments


Your group hits the ground running for patients every day. Shouldn’t your billing solution keep up? Discover how modernizing your billing solution with one designed for hospital departments and clinics can make a difference in your productivity and bottom line.

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Medical billing is our specialty

  • Experience simplified billing

    With our easy to use cloud-based platform, billing can be managed all in one place. From single click data entry to fixing rejections and billing reviews, that’s just the start of how we can make billing better.

  • Tailored support at every step

    Get more than a product—get a partner. From addressing your unique goals, to providing day-to-day billing guidance and personalized onboarding, Dr.Bill’s high-touch support has you covered.

  • Designed for groups

Experience simplified billing

With Dr.Bill, you get straightforward billing without an entire medical record system. As a clinic or hospital department, you can manage your billing from end-to-end in a single spot: from submitting claims and resubmitting rejections to reviewing payments and running reports.

Tailored support for every step

Our team provides guidance all along the way, from creating a smooth transition to ongoing training and recommendations—you get our best.

  • Enjoy an onboarding experience intentionally created for you
  • Choose the level of day-to-day billing support that’s right for your group
  • Get strategic support to help you achieve operational goals, earning targets and more 
  • As your group scales, Dr.Bill will grow and change seamlessly with you

A billing solution designed for groups

  1. From 2 to 20+

    Dr.Bill makes billing easier for groups, clinics and hospital departments of all sizes

  2. Role-Specific Access

    You control which team members have visibility across the group’s claims and earnings information

  3. Effortless Collaboration

    From secure sharing of patient and claims data within the team to enabling administrators to bill on behalf of physicians, it is easy to bill as one

  4. Unified Implementation

    We closely collaborate with administrators and physicians to integrate into your existing team workflows

  5. Institutional Security and Compliance

    With the foundation of a large organization behind us, Dr.Bill provides bank-level security for your patient and physician data

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Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Accelerate Claim Administration

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    Bill Smarter: With our robust AHCIP billing library and support from billing experts, get paid for more of your work the first time around.

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    Save Time: Whether it’s rounds or routine procedures, day-to-day claim creation can be individualized to the workflows of each physician in your group so they’re done in a few easy taps.

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    Bill On-The-Go: Our cloud-based platform moves with you as you go from hospital to clinic to home and back again.

Strengthen Financial Oversight

  • Manage Finances: On-demand reports, and clear views of the payments and invoices makes it simple to manage the finances across the department(s) or clinic(s).

  • Enhance Productivity: When claims are submitted quickly and accurately, time can be spent on achieving other high priority goals.

  • Improve Performance: Our team helps identify the unique areas where your groups can adjust, at both an individual and team level, to improve claim value and success rates.

Start with a Conversation

Talk to us about your current billing set-up. We’re here to answer your questions, make recommendations, and show you where Dr.Bill can improve both your experience and revenue.