OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Nerve Blocks Interventional Pain Injections

Code Description Fee
G117 Thoracic 173.4
G119 Cervical 193.8
G217 Percutaneous trigeminal ganglion block with fluoroscopic guidance 204
G232 Percutaneous spheno-palatine ganglion block with fluoroscopic guidance 153
G233 Percutaneous celiac, splanchnic or hypogastric ganglion/plexus block withfluoroscopic guidance 204
G234 Percutaneous cervical sympathetic nerve block or Stellate ganglion block - without ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance, unilateral 56.2
G236 Percutaneous lumbar, thoracic or sacral sympathetic nerve block with fluoroscopic guidance - unilateral or bilateral 153
G239 Differential intrathecal spinal block 130.15
G245 Lumbar epidural or intrathecal injection of sclerosing solution 183.6
G246 Lumbar 153

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G374 I.V. regional guanethidine 55.4
G910 Vertebral facet injections - Cervical, first site 81.6
G911 Vertebral facet injections - Thoracic, first site 81.6
G912 Vertebral facet injections - Lumbar/Sacral, first site 81.6
G914 Percutaneous diagnostic lumbar facet medial branch block with ultrasound guidance - First site 57.15
G916 Sacroiliac joint injections - Percutaneous diagnostic and/or corticosteroid sacroiliac joint injection with fluoroscopic guidance, unilateral 76.5
G917 Nerve root injections - Percutaneous diagnostic selective nerve root block with fluoroscopic guidance, with or without contrast any number of sites 163.2
G918 Caudal 75.7
G919 Percutaneous epidural adhesiolysis by infusion with fluoroscopic guidance 408.05
G920 Percutaneous cervical sympathetic nerve block or Stellate ganglion block - with ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance, unilateral 81.6
G921 Spheno-palatine ganglion block, transnasal topical, uni or bilateral 12.75
N534 Percutaneous radio frequency posterior dorsal root rhizotomy any number of levels 387.1
N556 Percutaneous vertebral facet medial branch or sacral lateral branch neurotomy - First site 145.65

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