The Ultimate OHIP Billing Learning Guide

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Welcome to the overwhelming world of OHIP medical billing!

The good news? With our Ultimate OHIP Billing Learning Guide, you won’t feel overwhelmed for long. This comprehensive resource takes you through the basics of medical billing in Ontario along with more advanced tips to optimize your claims to help ensure you’re being paid fully and accurately.

What you'll learn

  1. How the OHIP claim submission process works
  2. How to apply for your OHIP billing number
  3. Which additional registrations are necessary to start billing in Ontario
  4. How to maximize your billing and minimize rejected claims
  5. Most commonly-used codes by specialty

In the past, billing an incorrect code would have simply meant lost revenue for me.

Now that I use Dr.Bill, the billing team fixes these errors for me so I get paid accurately.

  • Dr. Daffer Ghanim, Emergency Medicine
Chapter 1: Medical Billing in Ontario

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