OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Heart And Pericardium

Code Description Fee
R700 With hypothermia and without bypass basic fee for cardiovascular procedures
R701 Ventricular assist devices - uni-ventricular 736.1
R702 Ventricular assist devices - bi-ventricular 1361.65
R703 Ventricular assist devices - paracorporeal 1472.05
R704 Ventricular assist devices - implantable 2206.85
R705 Ventricular assist devices - removal of ventricular assist device 518.75
R706 Cardiotomy - Right and left atrial ablative procedure for treatment of atrial arrhythmia surgical procedure or performed with an energy source 1270.9
R709 Cardiotomy - Left atrial ablative procedure for surgical treatment of atrial arrhythmia (either CoxMaze procedure or performed using an energy source) 794.3
R710 Cardiotomy - Resection/ablation for ventricular tachycardia (to include cardiotomy, mapping with or without HIS bundle) 1134.5
R711 Cardiotomy - Division of accessory conduction pathway (to include cardiotomy, mapping with or without HIS bundle) 756.45

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R712 Cardiotomy - with exploration 536.3
R713 Cardiotomy - with removal of foreign body 648.2
R714 Cardiotomy - with removal of tumour 536.3
R715 Closure of atrial septal defect - secundum 771
R716 Closure of atrial septal defect - endocardial cushion and valve defect 1147.3
R717 Closure of atrial septal defect - with anamalous pulmonary venous drainage 967.8
R718 Closure of atrial septal defect - Closure of ventricular septal defect 967.8
R720 Total repair Tetralogy of Fallot with or without previous arterial shunt 1310.85
R721 Arterial repair of transposition 1774.15
R722 Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage 1175.45
R723 Total correction transposition of great vessels 1175.45
R741 Excision - Coronary artery endarterectomy and/or gas endarterectomy 745.4
R742 Coronary artery repair - one 913.55
R743 Coronary artery repair - two 1303.8
R746 Excision - Ventricular tumour 881.9
R747 Excision - Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva 799.3
R748 Pericardiectomy - one side open 648.2
R749 Pericardiectomy - both sides open or sternal split 1021.55
R750 Thoracotomy - Open biopsy of pericardium and drainage (transthoracic or epigastric) 324.25
R751 Implantation of epicardial electrode(s) plus implantation of pack 474.35
R752 Atrioventricular sequential pacemaker with permanent atrial and ventricular endocardial electrodes 463.7
R753 Implantation of cardioverter (CD) defibrillator - by thoracotomy 734.8
R754 Ligation or division patent ductus - infant or child 536.3
R755 Ligation or division patent ductus - adolescent or adult 745.4
R756 Resection coarctation - child 771
R757 Resection coarctation - infant 801.7
R758 Resection coarctation - adolescent or adult 1004.7
R759 Congenital heart procedures e. g. Blalock, Glenn, Potts, Waterston or Central 789.9
R761 Implantation of cardioverter (CD) defibrillator - by transvenous approach 599.15
R762 Creation of ASD - by thoracotomy or Sterling Edwards 771
R763 Creation of ASD - by balloon septostomy 324.25
R765 Cardiac massage - open 235.95
R768 Pulmonary artery banding 641.6
R769 Pulmonary artery banding - with pressure studies by anaesthetist, extra/hour
R770 Correction of cor triatriatum 903.4
R771 Vascular ring 771
R857 Interruption of bronchial collateral arteries (one or more arteries) - as sole procedure 745.4
R870 Orthotopic cardiac transplantation 1472.05
R872 Donor cardiectomy 491.1
R874 Cardiopulmonary transplantation 2616.85
R920 Excision - Ventricular tumour 726.45
R921 Complete A-V canal 1510.15
R922 Single ventricle 1721.4
R923 Double outlet-right/left ventricle 1547.2
R924 Double outlet ventricle with transposition 1763.65
R925 Truncus arteriosus 1753.1
R926 Interrupted aortic arch 1547.2
R927 Aorto-pulmonary window 979.7
R928 R-V outflow tract with valve and tubular graft 1085.95
R929 Debanding arterioplasty of pulmonary artery 962.4
Z401 Thoracotomy - Aspiration of pericardium 134.35
Z412 Replacement or repair of pacemaker lead 113
Z414 Thoracotomy - Injection of pericardial sclerosing agents 23.55
Z415 Removal and/or replacement of implantable cardioverter defibrillator 346.25
Z428 Pacemaker lead extraction, including the use of extraction sheathes, with or without laser or similar technology 610.55
Z429 Implantation of coronary sinus lead for biventricular pacing 305.25
Z433 Replacement of pacemaker pack (single or multiple leads) 149.4
Z435 Insertion of permanent endocardial electrode(s) 157.2
Z436 Exposure of vein and implantation of pack 169.9
Z444 Insertion of permanent endocardial electrode and implantation of pack, includes insertion of temporary transvenous lead at same surgical procedure by same surgeon 330.25
Z445 Repositioning of permanent endocardial electrode (as separate procedure) 330.25
Z465 Percutaneous transluminal catheter assisted closure for Secundum arterial septal defect - device closure of a single defect 202.55
Z466 Percutaneous transluminal catheter assisted closure for Secundum arterial septal defect - device closure of two or more defects 354.45
Z743 Circulatory assist device e.g. intra-aortic balloon - open 314
Z744 Decannulation of circulatory assist device - open 125.5
Z751 Repositioning of intra-aortic balloon pump - open 130.5
Z759 Removal of failed vascular graft without arterial reconstruction when sole procedure 193.35
Z780 Circulatory assist device e.g. intra-aortic balloon - percutaneous 224.2
Z781 Decannulation of circulatory assist device - percutaneous 39.8
Z782 Repositioning of intra-aortic balloon pump - percutaneous 84.2
Z788 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO) - includes cannulating and decannulating, by any method, heart, vein and/or artery and repair of vessels if rendered 373.85

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