OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Stomach

Code Description Fee
S113 Removal of gastric band 306.05
S114 Sleeve gastrectomy 836.5
S115 Reversal of previous vertical banded gastroplasty 836.5
S116 Gastrotomy - with removal of tumour or foreign body 415.05
S117 Gastrotomy - Pyloromyotomy (Ramstedt's) 547.7
S118 Gastrostomy 477.25
S120 Gastric bypass with Roux-en-Y anastomosis, for morbid obesity 1377.15
S121 Transabdominal vagotomy after previous vagotomy 424.85
S122 Wedge resection for ulcer 530.45
S123 Partial or subtotal - distal 856.9

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S124 Vagotomy - highly selective (as sole procedure without pyloroplasty or gastroenterostomy) 513.2
S125 Partial or subtotal - proximal 918.1
S128 Total gastrectomy - with or without splenectomy 1259.8
S129 Conversion of previous gastrectomy to Roux-en-y 928.3
S131 Vagotomy - truncal or selective 383.35
S132 Pyloroplasty 415.05
S133 Pyloroplasty and vagotomy 539.5
S134 Gastroduodenostomy or gastrojejunostomy 415.05
S137 Pyloroplasty or gastroenterostomy plus vagotomy and cholecystectomy 692.55
S138 Closure of gastrostomy or other external fistula of stomach 352.8
S139 Gastrorrhaphy (for perforated gastric or duodenal ulcer or wound) 686.25
S140 Closure of gastrocolic fistula 585.95
Z526 Biopsy - incisional - by gastrostomy 75.1
Z527 Gastroscopy - may include biopsies, photography and removal of polyps less than or equal to 1 cm 84.55
Z528 Gastroscopy - subsequent (within three months following previous gastroscopy) 69.2
Z532 Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy 176.45
Z533 Biopsy - incisional - by intubation 37.55
Z547 Gastroscopy - with removal of foreign body 101.75

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