OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Anaesthesiologists Services

Code Description Fee
E001 When more than one anaesthesiologist are necessary in the interest of the patient.
E002 When hypothermia is used by the anaesthesiologist in procedures not specifically identified as requiring hypothermia.
E005A When a Anaesthesiologist or Surgical Assistant is replaced during a procedure
E006A When a Anaesthesiologist or Surgical Assistant procedure is cancelled
E007 Adult aged from 70 to 79 years inclusive
E009 Infant aged 29 days to 1 year of age
E010 Patient with BMI >40
E011 Patient in prone position during surgery
E012 Patient who is known to have malignant hyperthermia or there is a strong suspicion of susceptibility, and the anaesthetic requires full malignant hyperthermia set up and management
E013 When anaesthetic management is required for the emergency relief of acute upper airway (above the carina) obstruction (excluding choanal atresia)

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E014 Newborn to 28 days
E016 ASA V moribund patient not expected to live 24 hours with or without operation
E017 ASA IV patient with incapacitating systemic disease that is a constant threat to life
E018 Adult aged 80 years and older
E019 Infant or child from 1 year to 8 years of age inclusive
E020 ASA E - patient undergoing anaesthesia for emergency surgery which commences within 24 hours of operating room booking, to E022C, E017C or E016C
E021 Premature newborn less than 37 weeks gestational age
E022 ASA III - patient with severe systemic disease limiting activity but not incapacitating
E023 Anaesthesia service for E137, E138, E139, E140, E141, E143, E144, E145, E146, E147, E149, Z432, Z606, or Z607
E024 Patient in sitting position during surgery, greater than 60 degrees upright
E025 Unanticipated massive transfusion transfusion of at least one blood volume of red blood cells
E030 Procedural sedation
E031 General anaesthesia or deep sedation
E032 Anaesthesia service for Z491, Z492, Z493, Z494, Z495, Z496, Z497, Z498, Z499, Z555 or Z580
E111 Combined spinal-epidural for labour to P014C - add 51
E400 Evenings (17:00h 24:00h) Monday to Friday or daytime and evenings on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays - add 50%
E401 Nights (00:00 - 07:00) - add 75%

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