Privacy & Security

We protect patient confidentiality

Security of your data is important. We’ve worked hard to build a software infrastructure that is secure and reliable. Our internal procedures and systems make sure that your patient's data is securely protected.

Have specific questions or privacy concerns?

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Data Storage & Backup

Your data is stored only on Canadian servers. This is the recommended approach by the CMA, Doctors of BC, and BC College of Physicians.

  • Physical access to servers is controlled by key-card access to only those maintaining the equipment.

  • Data stored on the servers is encrypted and accessible only by Grouse Software Labs Inc (Dr. Bill) technical staff.

  • Data is backed up daily to a secure off-site location.

  • All user activity & changes are logged, including those of administrators and employees.

Access Controls

We protect access to your account with the latest security features.

  • Bank-level encryption on your phone, in transit and on the web servers.

  • Two-factor authentication limits unauthorized access to your account.

  • PIN protected access to your app & patient lists


Privacy Legislation

We comply with relevant privacy legislation including PIPA and FOIPPA which govern British Columbia.

  • We’ve conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment that is available upon request by anyone.

Access and Ownership

All data stored by us belongs to you, the physician. You have complete control over its use and retention.

  • No unauthorized personnel has access to the data you store on our service. Only authorized employees of Grouse Software Labs, and those you have explicitly given permission to collaborate with.

  • Our data can be exported and/or deleted at your request.