OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Nerve Blocks Peripheral Other Injections

Code Description Fee
G214 Brachial plexus 55.75
G218 Ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves 55.75
G219 Infraorbital 34.9
G220 Intercostal nerve 34.9
G225 Mental branch of mandibular nerve 34.9
G226 Sciatic nerve - bilateral 84.1
G227 Other cranial nerve block 55.75
G228 Paravertebral nerve block of cervical, thoracic or lumbar or sacral or coccygealnerves 34.8
G229 Pudendal - unilateral 55.75
G230 Sciatic nerve - unilateral 55.75

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G231 Somatic/peripheral 1 nerve/site 34.8
G235 Supraorbital 34.8
G238 Transverse scapular nerve 34.8
G240 Pudendal - bilateral 84.1
G241 Obturator nerve - unilateral 55.75
G242 Obturator nerve - bilateral 84.1
G243 Femoral nerve - unilateral 55.75
G244 Femoral nerve - bilateral 83.6
G250 Maxillary or mandibular division of trigeminal nerve 76.6
G256 Superior laryngeal nerve 34.8
G257 Intrapleural block (with the introduction of a catheter for the purpose of continuous analgesia) 78.8
G258 Intrapleural block (single injection) 45.15
G264 Occipital nerve - first block per day (maximum 1 per day to a maximum of 16 first blocks per calendar year) 34.8
G291 Occipital nerve - first block per day 20.25
G422 Retrobulbar injection (not to be claimed when used as a local anaesthesia) 34.9

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