The Easiest Way
to Bill MSP

  • Save up to 20 hours/month
  • No more index cards, paper, or excel
  • Earn more with Smart Billing suggestions

MSP Teleplan approved vendor

  • Over 100,000 claims processed last month
  • 98% Payout rate

Label Snap Billing

Take a picture of the patient label and log your claims in seconds. The app reads the information from the label and saves you time.

  • Quick-search billing codes, ICD9 and referring physicians
  • Log your claims and go, they're instantly saved
  • No more paper or index cards

Smart Billing Suggestions

Optimize your billing and reduce rejections with intelligent real-time prompts that help you make the right billing decisions.

  • Prompts you to bill New Consultations
  • Prompts you to add related billing fees and premiums
  • Easily add call-out & Continuing Care premiums

On the Phone or the Web

Use your phone while you’re on the go or the web while at the office or home. All claims sync between your phone and the web.

  • Bill when & where it’s easiest for you
  • Review your submissions and payouts online
  • Manage rejections & claim history online
  • Complete billing transparency

Collaborate with Colleagues

Make it easy for your colleagues to bill for care on patients you share by sharing Patient Groups. Colleagues can bill easily, but claims aren’t shared.

  • Organize patients into groups, eg. inpatients, CTU, or locum coverage
  • Share your patient lists with colleagues so they can bill quickly
  • Admit patients to your list with a label snap & discharge with a swipe

Full Billing Service

We’ve got a staff of experienced billing agents that know how to track down unpaid claims and maximize your earnings.

  • Our customers have a 97% payout rate from MSP
  • We recover 70% of claims rejected and refused by MSP

Here's What People Have to Say Testimonials


I love the label snap! This is by far the fastest way for me to capture my billing information. I also really like being able to see how much I earned and what to expect on my next remittance.

Michael Schachter Internal Medicine, Island Health

Before Dr. Bill I didn't realize how inefficient my old billing process was. Instead of doing my billing in batches at the end of the week, I now do it in real-time and it's far easier.

Privacy and Security

We understand the importance of protecting patient data. We protect your patient data with the same standards as hospitals, EMR’s and other healthcare tools and meet requirements for PIPA and FOIPPA privacy acts.

Your data is safely stored in our Canadian servers

Data transmission uses bank level encryption

Data is encrypted on your phone & our servers

Your data is scheduled for back-up regularly

Additional Features

Referring Physician Lookup

Billing Code/ICD9 Lookup

Detailed claims submission & payment reporting

Complete audit trail of rejections, adjustments and recovered claims


Dr. Bill doesn’t cost, it pays. Our customers earn an average of 5% more with our billing suggestions and rejection recovery. 97% of our customer’s claims are successfully paid out by MSP.

1% of Paid claims

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