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Dr. Bill is an easy-to-use mobile and web solution that truly simplifies the way you do medical billing.

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Dr. Bill is medical billing made easy


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How It Works

Take a picture of a patient label and log your claims in seconds. Review your submissions and manage rejections on the web. Use alongside your EMR – submit your billings as you work and never miss a claim again.

New to billing, or need help with a claim? Our billing agents will be there to help.

Save time, boost productivity, and earn more.


Save Time

Bill on the go using your phone, log claims instantly in a few taps.

Earn More

It pays to use Dr. Bill – choose from flexible pricing plans that work for you.

Get Support

Our billing support team helps manage your claims and answers your questions.


What Our Doctors Think

“Dr. Bill makes it very easy to do hospital billings. There are no more pieces of paper or index cards to lose, and I can bill in real time and get excellent support. I continue to recommend it to colleagues.”

Dr. Lynne Tereposky, General Practice

"I love the label snap! This is by far the fastest way for me to capture my billing information. I also really like being able to see how much I earned and what to expect on my next remittance."

Dr. Michael Schachter, Internal Medicine

“I had nearly half of my submissions rejected by MSP, but Dr. Bill conveniently followed up on them for me. It's the most user-friendly service I have come across & I now bill exclusively through Dr. Bill.”

Dr. Allison Bingham, Paediatrics


Dr Bill iOS Medical Billing App

Want to see how Dr. Bill can simplify your billing?


Secure Claim Management

Manage your billing with bank-level security.

Smart Billing Automation

Have issues fixed automatically by our software.

Transparent Reporting

See what was paid, rejected & reclaimed.


We asked our users:

"Has Dr. Bill helped you earn more money?"

Almost half said yes – with some saying they earned over 25% more!