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Medical Billing Software for MSP, OHIP and AHCIP

Medical billing has always been tedious. Stealing hours from your day and life. Dr.Bill is here to help you get it back. Our software makes it easy for you to find the right codes, submit claims and maximize your earnings.

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  • I am a one-person team, so it is invaluable to me that Dr.Bill offers a billing support team. It’s like having my own medical billing assistant whenever I need help.
    Dr. Daffer Ghanim, Emergency Medicine
  • I thoroughly enjoy using Dr.Bill’s LabelSnap feature on the mobile app. It’s an easy and efficient way for me to track patient labels throughout the day while integrating claim submissions on the go!
    Dr. Aaron Lau, Anesthesiology
  • Your billing experts have excellent province-specific experience and it’s reassuring to talk to someone who is super knowledgeable.
    Alex Chesley, Family Medicine
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Software That’s On Your Side

Dr.Bill is like having a medical billing specialist in your back pocket, designed to improve how you bill at every step.

Medical Billing That Fits With Your Schedule

  • Add Patients On The Go

    As new patients roll in, Dr.Bill keeps up. All it takes is a simple snap of a patient’s label to add their profile information to your account.

  • Bill Throughout Your Day

    With Dr.Bill, you can tap into the medical billing app at any time to create and submit a claim. This new habit lightens your workload.

  • Find the Right Codes Quickly

    When it’s time to find the code you need, Dr.Bill is ready. We make it easy to search and even save the ones you use the most.

  • Get Helpful Tips

    It pays to know the ways to maximize your claims. Dr.Bill keeps you up to date with tips and suggestions.

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A Clear Picture Into Your Finances

With Dr.Bill you have a clearer view into the business side of your practice. You can view your claims, monitor your payments and review what’s being recovered.

Billing Experts At The Ready

Dr.Bill is built on a team of medical billing experts. We are here to help out with training and daily billing needs. For example, we watch out for rejected claims and re-submit to the Ministry on your behalf.

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