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How It Works

Take a picture of a patient label and log your claims in seconds. Review your submissions and manage rejections on the web. Use alongside your EMR โ€“ย submit your billings as you work and never miss a claim again.

New to billing, or need help with a claim?ย Our billing agents will be there to help.

Save up to 10 hours per month and earn up to 25% more.


Save Time

Bill on the go using your phone, log claims instantly in a few taps.

Earn More

It pays to use Dr. Bill โ€“ choose from flexible pricing plans that work for you.

Get Support

Our billing support team helps manage your claims and answers your questions.


What Our Doctors Think

โ€œDr. Bill makes it very easy to do hospital billings. There are no more pieces of paper or index cards to lose, and I can bill in real time and get excellent support. I continue to recommend it to colleagues.โ€

Dr. Lynne Tereposky, General Practice

"I love the label snap! This is by far the fastest way for me to capture my billing information. I also really like being able to see how much I earned and what to expect on my next remittance."

Dr. Michael Schachter, Internal Medicine

โ€œI had nearly half of my submissions rejected by MSP, but Dr. Bill conveniently followed up on them for me. It's the most user-friendly service I have come across & I now bill exclusively through Dr. Bill.โ€

Dr. Allison Bingham, Paediatrics


Dr Bill iOS Medical Billing App

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Secure Claim Management

Manage your billing with bank-level security.

Smart Billing Automation

Have issues fixed automatically by our software.

Transparent Reporting

See what was paid, rejected & reclaimed.


We asked our users:

"Has Dr. Bill helped you earn more money?"

Almost half said yes โ€“ with some saying they earned over 25% more!