OHIP Billing Codes

Specialty: Pelvis And Hip

Code Description Fee
D042 Dislocations - Hip - closed reduction 273.65
D043 Dislocations - Hip - open reduction 414.6
D046 Dislocations - Acetabulum - open reduction one pillar 987.35
D047 Dislocations - Acetabulum - open reduction two pillars 1480.6
D052 Dislocations - Acetabulum - open reduction lips 624.75
D059 Dislocations - Sacro-iliac - closed, traction, spica, etc 437.1
D060 Dislocations - Sacro-iliac - open reduction 604.9
D061 Dislocations - Sacro-coccygeal - open, removal of coccyx 196.9
F098 Fractures - Femoral neck trochanteric, subtrochanteric - closed reduction/traction 435.5
F099 Fractures - Femoral neck trochanteric, subtrochanteric - open reduction pin only 416.5

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F100 Fractures - Femoral neck trochanteric, subtrochanteric - open reduction pin and plate/screws (cannulated included) 626.9
F101 Fractures - Femoral neck trochanteric, subtrochanteric - open reduction primaryprosthesis, femur only (includes Moore, Thompson, Unipolar, Bipolar) 625.95
F115 Bone - Coccyx 213
F134 Fractures - Pelvic ring - closed reduction 451.35
F135 Fractures - Pelvic ring - open reduction 693.95
N177 Exploration, decompression, division, excision, biopsy, neurolysis and/or transposition - Sciatic nerve in buttock 439.4
N188 Exploration, decompression, division, excision, biopsy, neurolysis and/or transposition - minor nerve including digital, cutaneous or lateral femoral cutaneous nerve 156.8
N285 Exploration and/or decompression and/or transposition and/or neurolysis of major nerve (excluding carpal tunnel nerve) 261.3
R216 Bone - Radical resection tumour 1027.6
R241 Revision total arthroplasty hip - one or both components - acetabular or femoral 1331.05
R249 Sequestrectomy 387.15
R250 Saucerization and bone graft 639.9
R263 Hip 550
R265 Osteotomy - Pelvis - infant 407
R269 Bone 296.4
R273 Osteotomy - Pelvis - other 592.6
R315 Bone - Head and neck, femur 462
R328 Pseudoarthrosis - Hip 487.5
R330 Bone - Major resection tumour 642.3
R364 Pseudoarthrosis - Pelvis 592.6
R404 Dislocations - Congenital hip - closed reduction (includes tenotomy and cast) 194
R405 Dislocations - Congenital hip - repeat (includes cast) 134.45
R406 Dislocations - Congenital hip - open reduction (includes tenotomy and arthrotomy) 481.85
R415 Hip - with removal of loose body 307.65
R423 Joint - Synovectomy/debridement 479.95
R427 Exploration, decompression, division, excision, biopsy, neurolysis and/or transposition - Denervation of hip 394.8
R439 Unipolar 500.8
R440 Total hip replacement - acetabulum and femur 710
R443 Removal only - noncemented 456.3
R469 Sacro-iliac joint 403.2
R470 Hip 717.6
R481 Revision total arthroplasty hip - one or both components - Reattachment of greater trochanter (late) 296.4
R488 Removal only - cemented 568.95
R491 Removal only - Replacement acetabular liner and/or femoral head 360.35
R514 Symphysis pubis 394.8
R545 Muscle/tendon - Tenotomy - iliopsoas 271.7
R547 Sacro-iliac joint 296.4
R553 Total hip replacement with take down of fusion 992.45
R569 Tendon transfer - Abductor 346.5
R570 Iliopsoas 531.05
R590 Bursae - GT trochanteric/ischial 205.45
R600 Fractures - Femoral neck trochanteric, subtrochanteric - delayed/staged graft 295.3
R607 Fractures - Slipped epiphysis - closed reduction/traction 394.8
R627 Fractures - Slipped epiphysis - open reduction/fixation 592.6
R628 Dislocations - Hip - late, after four weeks open 790.5
R630 Hip disarticulation 458.25
R631 Hemipelvectomy hindquarter 812.2
R639 Bone - Simple cyst, etc 345.55
R642 Fractures - Slipped epiphysis - closed reduction/internal fixation 394.8
R686 Hip arthroscopy set up, includes when rendered debridement, synovectomy, removal of loose body(ies) and/or screw, drilling of defect, microfracture, abrasion arthroplasty, and/or synovial biopsy 683.25
Z212 Bone - punch needle 91.5
Z217 Bone - under general anaesthetic 73.8
Z232 Muscle/tendon - Tenotomy - closed adductors 50.2
Z233 Muscle/tendon - Tenotomy - open adductors 99.3
Z252 Manipulation - under general anaesthetic 39.8
Z291 Dislocations - Congenital hip - Application Pavlik Harness or C.D.H. Splint 24.6
Z569 Peritoneal abscess - Pelvic abscess, incision and drainage rectal or vaginal approach 124.5
Z570 Fulguration of first polyp through colonoscope 50.8

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