Psychiatry K188 - High risk community psychiatric care, to a190, a191, a192, a195, a197, a198, a695, a795, k195, k196, k197 or k198 … add 15%

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High risk community psychiatric care is a premium for a service that occurs during the six (6) month period following a suicide attempt. For the purposes of this premium, suicide attempts include self-harm attempts with intent to commit suicide or high lethality self-harm attempts, but do not include self harm attempts of low lethality with no intent to commit suicide. The premium is applicable to A190, A191, A192, A195, A197, A198, A695, A795, K195, K196, K197 and K198.


1. K187 or K188 are both payable with K195, K196, K197 or K198 when rendered during the first four (4) week period following discharge where the patient was a hospital in-patient or treatment of a psychiatric condition and the requirements for both K187 and K188 are met.
2. K188 is not eligible for payment in addition to K189 on the same patient same day.

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