Psychiatry K630 - Psychiatric consultation extension … per unit

General Info

Billing Amount: $105.10


This service is eligible for payment for an extension to the consultations listed in the table below when the physician is required to spend an additional period of consecutive or non-consecutive time on the same day with the patient and/or patient's relative(s), patient’s representative or other caregivers.


The time unit measured excludes time spent on separately billable interventions.

1. K630 is a time based service. Time is calculated based on units - Unit means ½ hour or major part thereof - see General Preamble GP5 for definitions and time-keeping requirements.
2. K630 is limited to a maximum of six units per patient per physician per day.
3. K630 is payable in accordance with the following rules:

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

  • See General Preamble GP5

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