Anaesthesia A215 - Limited consultation for acute pain management in association with special visit to hospital in-patient

General Info

Billing Amount: $47.50


A limited consultation for acute pain management is a consultation which takes place when a physician is requested by another physician to see a hospital in-patient because of the complexity or severity of the acute pain condition.


This service is not eligible for payment:
1. with P014C - introduction of catheter for epidural labour analgesia;
2. for management of routine post-operative pain; or
3. for referrals from another anaesthesiologist.

P014C - is an anaesthesia service, therefore the pre-anaesthetic evaluation is included in the service and is not payable as a limited consultation for acute pain management or as an assessment.

When providing this service to a hospital in-patient in association with a special visit premium, submit claim using A215 and the appropriate special visit premium beginning with a "C" prefix.

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