Family practice & practice in general H100 - Emergency department investigative ultrasound

General Info

Billing Amount: $19.65


Payment rules: 1. H100 is limited to two (2) services per patient per day where the second service is rendered as a follow-up to the first service for the same condition(s). 2. Services listed in the Diagnostic Ultrasound section of the Schedule, both technical and professional components are not eligible for payment to any physician when ultrasound images described by H100 are eligible for payment. Note: H100 is only eligible for payment when it is rendered using equipment that meets the following minimum technical requirements: 1. Images must be of a quality acceptable to allow a different physician who meets standards for training and experience to render the service to arrive at the same interpretation; 2. Scanning capabilities must include B- and M-mode; and 3. The trans-abdominal probe must be at least 3.5MHz or greater. Medical record requirements: The service is only eligible for payment when the Emergency Department investigative ultrasound includes both a permanent record of the image(s) and an interpretative report. Claims submission instructions: Claims in excess of two (2) services of H100 per day by the same physician for the same patient should be submitted using the manual review indicator and accompanied by supporting documentation. [Commentary: 1. See page GP34 for the definition of an “Emergency Department Physician”. 2. Current standards and minimum requirements for training and experience for Emergency Department investigative ultrasound may be found at the Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Society website at the following internet link:]