Palliative care diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G512 - Palliative care case management fee

General Info

Billing Amount: $67.75


The service rendered for providing supervision of palliative care to a patient for a period of one week, commencing at midnight Sunday, and includes the following specific elements. A. Monitoring the condition of a patient including ordering tests and interpreting test results. B. Discussion with and providing telephone advice to the patient, patient’s family or patient’s representative even if initiated by the patient, patient’s family or patient’s representative. C. Arranging for assessments, procedures or therapy and coordinating community and hospital care including but not limited to urgent rescue palliative radiation therapy or chemotherapy, blood transfusions, paracentesis/thoracentesis, intravenous or subcutaneous therapy. D. Providing premises, equipment, supplies and personnel for all elements of the service


1. The service is only eligible for payment when rendered by the physician most responsible for the patient’s care, or by a physician substituting for this physician.
2. G511, K071 or K072 are not eligible for payment to any physician when rendered during a week that G512 is rendered.
3. G512 is limited to a maximum of one per week (Monday to Sunday inclusive) per patient and, in the instance a patient is transferred from one most responsible physician to another, is only eligible for payment to the physician who rendered the service the majority of the week.
4. In the event of the death of the patient or where care commences on any day of the week, G512 is eligible for payment even if the service was not provided for the entire week.