Sleep studies diagnostic & therapeutic procedures J893 - Multiple sleep latency test

General Info

Billing Amount: $68.95


1. J894 rendered to same patient same day as J893 is not eligible for payment.
2. A maximum of one J893 and a maximum of one J894 are payable per 12 month period per facility per patient.
3. If the recording does not contain information sufficient for a diagnostic interpretation as determined in accordance with CPSO Standards, the service is not eligible for payment.
4. EEG services (i.e. G414, G415, G418, G541, G543, G540, G545, G542, G546, G554, G555, or G544) are not eligible for payment with any overnight or daytime sleep study (i.e. J898, J899, J990, J896, J897, J895, J890, J889, J893 or J894).