Neurology diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G541 - Sleep-deprived/induced eeg - technical component

General Info

Billing Amount: $0.00


A sleep-deprived/induced EEG is an EEG recording (with or without video monitoring) performed after: a. an overnight period of sleep deprivation of greater than 4 hours; or b. the administration of a sedative/hypnotic agent prior to the EEG recording for the purposes of sleep induction.


The amount payable for a sleep-deprived/induced EEG that does not meet the above requirements will be reduced to that for a routine EEG fees (i.e. G414 and G415/G418).

G414 is not eligible for payment with G541.

EEG services (i.e. G414, G415, G418, G541, G543, G540, G545, G542, G546, G554, G555, or G544) are not eligible for payment with any overnight or daytime sleep study (i.e. J898, J899, J990, J896, J897, J895, J890, J889, J893 or J894).