Nerve blocks - peripheral/other inections diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G291 - Occipital nerve - first block per day

General Info

Billing Amount: $19.85


1. G265 and G292 are insured services payable at nil unless an amount is payable for G264 or G291 rendered to the same patient the same day.

When an amount is payable for G264, the amount payable for G291 rendered to the same patient on the same day is nil.

4. For the purpose of G291, independent expert in respect of a patient is a physician who:
a. has special knowledge and expertise in multidisciplinary management of chronic non-malignant pain;
b. did not refer the patient for treatment;
c. is not actively involved in management of the patient; and
d. receives no direct or indirect financial benefit for the nerve block services being rendered to the patient.