Nephrology diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G348 - Renal preservation with continuous machine perfusion

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Nephrological management of donor procurement In addition to the common elements, this service includes the following specific elements. A. Monitoring the life support systems of a neurologically dead donor to ensure adequate perfusion and oxygenation of the kidneys. B. Assessment of renal functions pre-nephrectomy, including the obtaining of specimens and interpretation of results and assessment as to potential recipients to be called in. C. Prescribing and providing appropriate prenephrectomy immunotherapy. D. Making arrangements for any related assessments, procedures or therapy, related to the harvesting of the organ(s). E. Discussion with and providing advice and information to the patient's family or representative, whether by telephone or otherwise, on matters related to the service including advice unless separately billable, as to the results of such procedure(s) and/or related assessments as may have been performed. F. Providing premises, equipment, supplies and personnel for the specific elements. While no occasion may arise for performing elements C, D and E, when performed in connection with the other specific elements, they are included in the service.