Injections or infusions diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G075 - Test dose (bleomycin and l-asparatiginase) once per patient per drug

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Chemotherapy (pharmacologic therapy of malignancy or autoimmune disease) - with administration supervised by a physician for intravenous infusion for treatment of malignant or autoimmune disease. The physician must be available to intervene in a timely fashion at the initiation and for the duration of the prescribed therapy to manage immediate and delayed toxicities. Chemotherapy and patient assessment provided by a physician includes all patient assessments by any physician for a 24 hour period following treatment administration.


G381, G281, G345, G359, G075 and G390 include venipuncture, establishment of any vascular access line and administration of agent(s).

Examples that are not considered biologic agents for payment purposes are blood products, insulin, and immunizing agents.