Injections or infusions diagnostic & therapeutic procedures E446 - - peripheral joint injection using image guidance following a failed blind attempt, to g370 or g371 … add

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Billing Amount: $0.00

This Billing code is an addition to G329


E446 is only eligible for payment when injection of the joint must be repeated using any method of image guidance following a failed blind attempt(s) by the same or different physician. Professional and/or technical fees for obtaining and interpreting the images required for the purpose of guidance of the injection are not eligible for payment to any physician.

1. Use of intra-articular viscosupplementation agent for treatment of osteoarthritis is not supported by evidence. An example of a viscosupplementation agent is hyaluronic acid. See
2. For percutaneous provocation vertebral discography, refer to J006 Discogram page E4.