Home and self care services diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G100 - Haemophilia infusion, per patient

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Haemophilia infusion includes routine clinic visits (system/drug/infusions technique/blood work review and physical examination), counselling/psychotherapy/genetic counselling of patients and relatives and supervised haemophilia infusion when required. The specific elements of this service are all services performed by the specialist in charge of the patient during a one-week period in providing non-emergency care to the patient who is self administering haemophilia therapy, including providing any advice and supervision in regard to self administration, whether by telephone or otherwise and even when initiated by the patient, patient's relative(s), or their representative and including providing all premises, equipment, supplies and personnel used by the specialist in charge of the patient to perform these services.


When physicians are required to make emergency visits to see patients on any form of home/self care haemophilia infusion, the appropriate visits and premiums may be claimed. When the patient requires hospitalization, the appropriate fees for daily care and in-hospital infusions may be claimed instead of G100.