Gynaecology diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G394 - Papanicolaou smear - additional

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Billing Amount: $8.65

Billing Additions

Code Description Amount
E431 Papanicolaou smear when papanicolaou smear is performed outside of hospital, to G394 … add $11.95


Physicians claiming G394 must have documentation of an abnormal or inadequate Pap result for which a follow-up is required or documentation of the cause of the immunocompromised status or documentation of difficulties in accessing the service within the specified time period otherwise G394 is not eligible for payment.

follow-up of abnormal pap smear; or
- follow-up of inadequate pap smear; or
- annually in a patient who is immunocompromised, e.g. HIV-positive or taking
long-term immunosuppressants; or
- a patient with a history of oncogenic HPV-typing; or
- where the physician is of the opinion that the patient is a member of a vulnerable group that may have difficulty accessing the services within the specified time period\