Gynaecology diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G365 - Papanicolaou smear - periodic

General Info

Billing Amount: $8.65

Billing Additions

Code Description Amount
E430 Papanicolaou smear when papanicolaou smear is performed outside of hospital, to G365 … add $11.95


1. G365 is limited to one per patient per 33 month period.
2. G365 is uninsured for patients less than 21 years of age.
3. G365 is uninsured for patients older than 70 years of age who have had three or more normal tests in the prior 10 years.
4. G365 is not eligible for payment when performed in conjunction with a consultation, repeat consultation, general or specific assessment or reassessment or routine post-natal visit.

1. Periodic Papanicolaou smears in excess of the limit are not insured.
2. Guidelines for cervical screening can be found at
3. Current guidelines recommend routine Pap smear screening once every 36 months. The schedule period of 33 months is in recognition that some patients may be seen just prior to the recommended time interval.