Critical care diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G604 - Neonatal low birth weight intensive care - payable in lieu of g600 or g603 for newborn less than 750 grams in weight or 26 weeks gestational age

General Info

Billing Amount: $536.95


Neonatal Intensive Care is the service rendered by a physician for being in constant or periodic attendance during a one-day period, to provide all aspects of care to Intensive Care Area patients. This consists of an initial consultation or assessment and such subsequent assessments as may be indicated, including ongoing monitoring of the patient's condition and the following procedures as required: insertion of arterial, venous, C.V.P. or urinary catheters, intravenous lines, interpreting of blood gases, nasogastric intubation with or without anaesthesia, pressure infusion sets and pharmaceutical agents, endotracheal intubation, tracheal toilet, artificial ventilation and all necessary measures for respiratory support. Separately billable interventions may be claimed in addition to these fees. There are three levels of neonatal intensive care depending on the procedures performed.


1. Physician-in-charge is the physician(s) daily providing the Neonatal Intensive Care.
2. These are team fees which apply to neonatologists /paediatricians/anaesthetists providing complete care. If infant has been transferred from one level to another in either direction, up or down, second day benefits apply.