Echocardiography diagnostic & therapeutic procedures G570 - Complete study - 1 and 2 dimensions - technical component

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Definition/Required elements of service: A Complete Study – 1 and 2 dimensions is an echocardiogram that must include as a minimum all of the following components: acquisition, recording and storage of ultrasound images relevant to the assessment of all components of cardiac structure and function including chambers, valves, septae, pericardium and proximal great vessels. Also included when rendered is a Cardiac Doppler Study (with or without colour Doppler).


Where one or more components of cardiac structure and function cannot be imaged due to circumstances beyond the physician’s control the echocardiogram is payable as a complete echocardiogram.

If a single component of cardiac structure and function is imaged see G574/G575.

G570 and G571 are only eligible for payment for an echocardiogram when:
1. The required components and findings of a complete study are documented;
2. There is a permanent recording on appropriate dynamic medium, either videotape or digitally, of the constituent images and measurements; and
3. If applicable, a description of the circumstance beyond the physician’s control leading to one or more components of the echocardiogram not being rendered.