Family practice & practice in general A945 - Special palliative care consultation

General Info

Billing Amount: $159.20


A special palliative care consultation is a consultation requested because of the need for specialized management for palliative care where the physician spends a minimum of 50 minutes with the patient and/or patient's representative/family in consultation (majority of time must be spent in consultation with the patient). In addition to the general requirements for a consultation, the service includes a psychosocial assessment, comprehensive review of pharmacotherapy, appropriate counselling and consideration of appropriate community services, where indicated.


Start and stop times must be recorded in the patient’s permanent medical record or the amount payable for the service will be adjusted to a lesser paying fee.

When the duration of a palliative care consultation (A945 or C945) exceeds 50 minutes, one or more units of K023 are payable in addition to A945 or C945, provided that the minimum time requirements for K023 are met. The time periods for A945 or C945 and K023 are mutually exclusive (i.e. the start time for determination of minimum time requirements for K023 occurs 50 minutes after start time for A945 or C945).