Family practice & practice in general A813 - Midwife-requestedassessment (mra)

General Info

Billing Amount: $111.70


Midwife-Requested Assessment (MRA) is an assessment of a mother or newborn provided by a physician upon the written request of a midwife because of the complex, obscure or serious nature of the patient’s problem and is payable to a family physician or obstetrician for such an assessment in any setting. Urgent or emergency requests may be initiated verbally but must subsequently be requested in writing. The written request must be retained on the patient’s permanent medical record. The MRA must include the common and specific elements of a general or specific assessment and the physician must submit his/her findings, opinions and recommendations verbally to the midwife and in writing to both the midwife and the patient’s primary care physician, if applicable. Maximum one per patient per physician per pregnancy.