Geriatrics K077 - Geriatric telephone support … per unit

General Info

Billing Amount: $40.05


This is the service initiated by a caregiver where a physician provides telephone support to a caregiver(s) for a patient with an established diagnosis of dementia.


1. A maximum of two (2) units of K077 are eligible for payment per patient per day.
2. A maximum of eight (8) K077 units are eligible for payment per patient per 12 month period.
3. K077 is only eligible for payment where:
a. there is a minimum of 10 minutes of patientrelated discussion; and
b. the physician:
i. is a specialist in Geriatrics (07); or
ii. has a certificate of special competence in Geriatrics; or
iii. has an exemption to access bonus impact in Care of the Elderly from the MOHLTC.
4. In circumstances where a physician receives compensation, other than by feeforservice under this Schedule, for the provision of telephone support for caregivers, this service is not eligible for payment to that physician.

1. Payment, other than by fee-for-service includes compensation where the physician receives remuneration under a salary, primary care, stipend, APP or AFP model.
2. Physicians who receive compensation other than by fee-for-service under this Schedule should consult their contract for guidance on shadow-billing.

K077 is only eligible for payment where the following elements are included in the medical record:
1. patient’s name and health number;
2. start and stop times of the discussion;
3. reason for the telephone support; and
4. the opinion, advice and/or recommendations of the physician.

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