Digestive system surgical procedures Z498 - Follow up of abnormal colonoscopy sigmoid to descending colon

General Info

Billing Amount: $51.95

Anesthetic units:



Z498 is eligible for payment for a colonoscopy rendered for the followup of a patient with a previous malignancy(ies) in accordance with current guidelines.

Z498 is eligible for payment when rendered for follow up of adenomatous polyps:
a. after 5 years if 12 small (<1 cm) tubular adenomas with low grade dysplasia;
b. after 3 years if polyp(s) removed completely and 310 adenomas, or any large adenoma (>1 cm), or villous features, or high grade dysplasia, or rightsided sessile serrated adenoma;
c. after less than 3 years if > 10 adenomas.

Only one of Z491, Z492, Z493, Z494, Z495, Z496, Z497, Z498, Z499 or Z555 is eligible for payment per patient per day.

Time units and anaesthesia extra units listed on GP61 are not eligible for payment with anaesthesia services for Z491C, Z492C, Z493C, Z494C, Z495C, Z496C, Z497C, Z498C, Z499C or Z555C.

E003C is not payable for anaesthesia services rendered for Z491, Z492, Z493, Z494, Z495, Z496, Z497, Z498, Z499 or Z555.