Nuclear medicine OHIP billing codes

These are the most commonly used Nuclear medicine OHIP billing codes. To find other billing codes search the OHIP fee schedule here .

General Listings

Code Description Amount
A635 Consultation $82.40
A835 Special nuclear medicine consultation $180.00
A735 Diagnostic consultation $33.70
A636 Repeat consultation $57.25
A638 Partial assessment $35.35

Non Emergency Hospital In Patient Services

Code Description Amount
C635 Consultation $82.40
C835 Special nuclear medicine - subject to the same conditions of A835 $180.00
C735 Diagnostic consultation - subject to the same conditions as A735 $33.70
C636 Repeat consultation $57.25

Cardiovascular System

Code Description Amount
J802 Venography - peripheral and superior vena cava $0.00
J804 First Transit - without blood pool images $0.00
J867 First Transit - with blood pool images $0.00
J806 Cardioangiography - first pass for shunt detection, cardiac output and transit studies $0.00
J807 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy - resting, immediate post stress $0.00
J866 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy - application of SPECT (maximum 1 per examination) … add $0.00
J808 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy - delayed $0.00
J809 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy - application of SPECT (maximum 2 per examination) … add $0.00
J810 Myocardial scintigraphy - acute infarction, injury $0.00
J811 Myocardial wall motion - studies $0.00
J812 Myocardial wall motion - repeat same day (to a maximum of three repeats) $0.00
J813 Myocardial wall motion - studies with ejection fraction $0.00
J814 Myocardial wall motion - repeat same day (to a maximum of three repeats) $0.00
J815 Detection of venous thrombosis using radioiodinated fibrinogen up to ten days $0.00

Endocrine System

Code Description Amount
J816 Adrenal scintigraphy - with iodocholesterol $0.00
J868 Adrenal scintigraphy - with iodocholesterol and dexamethasone suppression $0.00
J869 Adrenal scintigraphy - with MIBG $0.00
J818 Thyroid scintigraphy - with Tc99m or I-131 $0.00
J871 Thyroid scintigraphy - with I-123 $0.00
J817 Thyroid - uptake $0.00
J870 Thyroid - repeat $0.00
J820 Parathyroid scintigraphy - dual isotope technique with T1201 and Tc99m Iodine $0.00
J872 Metastatic survey with I-131 $0.00

Gastrointestinal System

Code Description Amount
J821 Schilling test - single isotope $0.00
J823 Schilling test - dual isotope $0.00
J824 Malabsorption test - with C14 substrate $0.00
J873 Malabsorption test - with whole body counting $0.00
J825 Gastrointestinal - protein loss $0.00
J874 Gastrointestinal - blood loss using - Cr51 $0.00
J829 Gastrointestinal - transit $0.00
J826 Calcium absorption - Ca45 $0.00
J875 Calcium absorption - Calcium47 absorption/excretion $0.00
J827 Calcium absorption - Oesophageal motility studies - one or more $0.00
J876 Gastro-oesophageal - reflux $0.00
J877 Gastro-oesophageal - aspiration $0.00
J830 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - Tc99m sulphur colloid or Tc04 $0.00
J878 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - labelled RBCs $0.00
J879 Abdominal scintigraphy - for gastrointestinal bleed - LeVeen shunt patency $0.00
J831 Biliary scintigraphy $0.00
J832 Liver/spleen scintigraphy $0.00
J833 Salivary gland scintigraphy $0.00

Genitourinary System

Code Description Amount
J834 Dynamic renal imaging $0.00
J835 Computer assessed renal function - includes first transit $0.00
J880 Computer assessed renal function - repeat after pharmacological intervention $0.00
J836 Static renal scintigraphy $0.00
J837 ERPF by blood sample method $0.00
J838 GFR by blood sample method $0.00
J839 Cystography for vesicoureteric reflux $0.00
J840 Testicular and scrotal scintigraphy - includes first transit $0.00

Haematopoietic System

Code Description Amount
J841 Plasma volume $0.00
J843 Red cell volume $0.00
J847 Ferrokinetics - clearance, turnover, and utilization $0.00
J848 Red cell, white cell or platelet survival $0.00
J849 Red cell survival with serial surface counts $0.00
J881 Bone marrow scintigraphy - whole body $0.00
J882 Bone marrow scintigraphy - single site $0.00
J883 In-111 leukocyte scintigraphy - whole body $0.00
J884 In-111 leukocyte scintigraphy - single site $0.00

Musculoskeletal System

Code Description Amount
J850 Bone scintigraphy - general survey $0.00
J851 Bone scintigraphy - single site $0.00
J852 Gallium scintigraphy - general survey $0.00
J853 Gallium scintigraphy - single site $0.00
J819 Application of tomography (SPECT) - where each SPECT image represents a different organ or body area, to J852, maximum 3 images per examination … add $0.00

Nervous System And Respiratory System

Code Description Amount
J857 CSF circulation - with Tc99m or I-131 HSA $0.00
J885 CSF circulation - with In-111 $0.00
J886 CSF circulation - via shunt puncture $0.00
J858 Brain scintigraphy $0.00
J859 Perfusion lung scintigraphy $0.00
J887 Ventilation lung scintigraphy $0.00
J860 Perfusion and ventilation scintigraphy - same day $0.00


Code Description Amount
J866 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy - application of SPECT (maximum 1 per examination) … add $0.00
J861 Radionuclide lymphangiogram $0.00
J862 Ocular tumour localization $0.00
J864 Tear duct scintigraphy $0.00
J865 Total body counting $0.00


Code Description Amount
J863 Scintimammography - unilateral or bilateral $0.00

Positron Emission Tomography (Pet)

Code Description Amount
J700 Solitary pulmonary nodule $0.00
J701 Thyroid cancer $0.00
J702 Germ cell tumour $0.00
J703 Colorectal cancer $0.00
J704 Lymphoma for the evaluation of a residual mass(es) $0.00
J705 Lymphoma for the assessment of response to treatment $0.00
J706 Non-small cell lung cancer $0.00
J709 Limited disease small cell lung cancer $0.00
J710 Esophageal carcinoma $0.00
J711 Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma – evaluation of neck nodes $0.00
J712 Liver metastasis from colorectal cancer $0.00
J713 Staging of nasopharyngeal carcinoma $0.00
J707 Cardiac PET using fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) - cardiac PET $0.00
J708 Cardiac PET using fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) - cardiac PET with quantitative analysis, to J707 … add 0% $0.00