Family practice & practice in general A100 - General/family physician emergency department assessment

General Info

Billing Amount: $76.90


General/Family physician emergency department assessment is an assessment of a patient that satisfies as a minimum the requirements of an intermediate assessment and is rendered by the patient's general/family physician in an emergency department funded under an Emergency Department Alternative Funding Agreement (ED-AFA). For that visit, the service includes any re-assessment of the patient by the general/family physician in the emergency department and any appropriate collaboration with the emergency department physician. The service is only eligible for payment when the general/family physician's attendance is required because of the complexity, obscurity or seriousness of the patient's condition.


No other service (including special visit or other premiums) rendered by the same physician to the same patient during the same visit to the emergency department is eligible for payment with this service.

For claims payment purposes, the hospital master number associated with the emergency department must be submitted on the claim.

Services described as A100 rendered in an emergency department not funded under an ED-AFA may be payable under other existing fee schedule codes.

Pre-Amble References:

Please reference the billing pre-amble for these relevant interpretations of this billing code:

  • See General Preamble GP26