OHIP Fees – List of Fee Codes

Under the fee-for-service model, Ontario physicians must submit 'invoices' of who they saw and what they did through the medical claims electronic data transfer (MC EDT) system. To be reimbursed through OHIP for any healthcare services provided, a claim has to be submitted with the appropriate "Fee Schedule Code" along with the patient's information.

Sadly, the Ministry of Health's schedule of benefits is about 750 pages long – so to make things easier for physicians we've created a searchable database of OHIP fee codes. Quickly find the OHIP fees for your specialty and bill the right code!

To get started, choose your specialty:

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Submission Deadlines

Cut-off dates for MC EDT claim submissions for 2017/2018.


Error Report Rejection Codes

A searchable list of error codes  along with descriptions.